We produce power steering tanks


The company manufactures power steering tanks in bulk. It has the capability of manufacturing 100,000 tanks in a year with the help of its production unit.

The company has a power steering tank manufacturing plant that goes on for more than 10 acres. These facilities are highly automated and running 24/7 for their purpose. The company produces various types of product ranging from power steering systems, hydraulic fluid filters, safety valves, mast arms and much more.

Producing power steering tanks is what the company does best. They have a long-term experience in this field and they market these products to car dealerships across Asia Pacific on account of their competitive pricing too.

In order to produce power steering tanks, we are using the latest and most reliable technology, the water jet-assisted cutting machine.

This is a typical example of how we have been able to revolutionize our factory by adopting new technologies.

You must have seen a power steering tank produce longitudinally offset cylindrical flow of liquid and gas at a specified rate.

A Q-Tank is the heart of the power steering system. It consists of a tank, pump, motor and controller. These components are assembled into a housing containing an impeller for the liquid which is fixed along with the motor shaft, and an impeller for the gas which is fixed along with its associated shaft. The pump operates to transfer liquid from one point to another while producing thermal energy that helps in driving the gas through the power steering hose.

The industry has seen many changes in the past years, including increased use of electric power steering pumps and sophisticated design.

After World War II, the demand for power steering tanks grew exponentially. It is a component for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and tractors that provides automated control of the vehicle’s vertical movement by converting torque from the engine to force applied to a shaft directly connected to the wheels.

Producing power steering tanks can be a challenge and a lot of effort. It involves the process of blending the raw material, flattening it and compressing it, using an extrusion die.

When it comes to producing, there are many methods for each step. For example, in the blending process raw material is mixed using different methods such as mixers and augers. The flat surfaces of the compressed paper/cardboard are smoothed out by breaking them or pressing them into a mold with rollers until they become thin sheets. Then extrusion die is used to make the sheet into a tube shape which is then cut up into smaller pieces before it is cut into final shape with cutting machines that have different blades depending on what type of power steering tank that needs to be made.

We produce and take in the highest quality power steering tanks.

We are a leading manufacturer in the market and we have been in this business for more than 10 years. We are a trusted partner and can be cited as one of the best manufacturers in this field. Our products are designed with state-of-the-art technology which is reliable and durable so that you can use them for a long time.

We manufacture power steering tanks under strict quality guidelines to ensure that our customers get only high-quality, reliable products and service.